You want to define and roll out an efficient communication strategy at each step of your transformation project

  • Consulting in communication strategy
  • Workforce communications
  • Institutional communications and public affairs
  • Coaching and training of spokespersons and corporate managers
  • Training in sensitive communication
  • Support to manage sensitive and crisis situations
  • Institutional intelligence, mapping of stakeholders, contacts with key players
  • Press relations and media watch
Persuasive communications
  • Define a communication approach consistent with your corporate values, activities and challenges

  • Build a dialogue suitable for all key audiences
  • Identify the right time for announcements, based on opportunities or threats for the corporate image
  • Adapt the managerial and staff communications based on the project’s operational progress
  • Create engagement throughout the project

Depending on the nature of your project, you may also engage the services of Pyksis Communication.

Pyksis Communication, a subsidiary of the Oneida Associés Group, is a communication agency specialized in sensitive communication, crisis management, institutional communication and Public Affairs.

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