You want to support your senior executives and their staff to lead sustainable and responsible transformations in complex environments, strengthen the flexibility of your organization and boost skills development

  • Support to change management
  • Training and support to managers and their staff
  • Coaching of managers
  • Workshops on diagnosis and problem-solving for the staff
  • Field watch and transformation opinion survey: taking the pulse of staff and field to gain an objective view of the reality as experienced by the staff, and to adjust the support measures as needed
  • Co-development workshops to leverage and share best practices, and to secure quick gains
  • Assistance to managerial and relational skills development for the staff to strengthen cross-functional links and cooperation
  • Design and implementation of ecosystems (Academy, School, Campus, Corporate University), skills development programs (leadership, relational performance, hierarchical and cross-functional management, project-based management), conferences (Customer Relations, cultural transformation, digital transformation, etc.), intrapreneurship models.
Support your senior executives and their staff
  • Leverage our four transformation drivers: SENSE, TRUST, RESILIENCE, ENGAGEMENT, at the core of our working systems with the management and the staff, while focusing on processes, targets, indicators, performance and optimization

  • Help senior executives and managers understand and objectivize the uniqueness of their organization
  • Translate this unique identity into practices and behaviors that create bonds of trust and the right conditions for fluid and efficient interactions
  • Support the managers and their staff in developing empowerment and responsibility via a digital, experiential and face-to-face approach to training