You want to:
  • Divest some non-strategic and/or underperforming activities in the context of disposal or outsourcing initiatives
  • Preserve jobs in the affected business activities
  • Comply with the requirements of the French Florange Law

  • Search for takeover projects for your business branches, subsidiaries or sites (production units, logistical platforms, research centers, sales outlets, etc.) with or without commitments on business volumes by the seller
  • Assistance to negotiations of sale & purchase agreements with potential buyers
  • Follow-up of communication and reporting to personnel representatives and public authorities

In-depth knowledge of the sector

  • Help define an attractive offer for a potential buyer, highlighting your various assets – marketing, commercial, technological or industrial – along with the growth potential (business plan) of your relevant activities and assets

  • Leverage our in-depth knowledge of industrial sectors and our experience in defining original and efficient targeting strategies
  • Build lists of target companies to be approached, based on a strategic analysis of the business sector in order to identify players able to inject a new momentum into the businesses to be sold
  • Communicate convincingly with trade unions, local players and public authorities to explain the context, inform on the progress of the search and engage them in the project