You want to identify site conversion projects and contribute to creating jobs in the territories affected by your projects, in particular to comply with legal obligations

  • Search for site conversion projects
  • Definition and implementation of revitalization plans in local labor pools
  • Elaboration of employability surveys
  • Predictive jobs and skills planning in the territory (strategic workforce planning)

Sustainably viable solutions

  • Highlight the assets of the site to be converted (staff skills, infrastructure and equipment, location, local industries and ecosystems, etc.) and define prospection targets consistent with these assets
  • Define innovative revitalization approaches, consistent with the impacted business, the characteristics of the local labor pool (markets, industries, etc.) and the local economic development strategy

  • Propose and implement initiatives designed to accelerate the growth of local enterprises (SMEs, start-ups…)
  • Promote strong regional business sectors to attract other companies from outside the local labor pool
  • Identify projects to which our clients can contribute to bolster the regional economy
  • Identify players involved in societal initiatives to which our clients can contribute
  • Build constructive partnerships with the local players (competitiveness clusters, representatives of industrial sectors, public development agencies…)  in order to maximize the chances of success


Converting sites and revitalizing territories